Connecting Neurons...

Expanding neural connections

Rice Neuroengineering brings together the field's leading thinkers to not only help understand the brain at a deeper level—but also help it work smarter.


Shaping a new wave of leaders

Recognized by the IGERT training grant, Rice Neuroengineering is teaching engineers to think like neuroscientists and neuroscientists to think like engineers.

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Collaborating with the world’s largest medical center

To deliver cutting-edge neuroengineering research and applications, Rice University and the Texas Medical Center have partnered for a new age of advancement in medicine.

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Solving uncured diseases with cutting-edge research

With our ongoing collaborative research, we’re ushering in a new era of possibilities for millions of people around the world afflicted by neural disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

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Attracting renowned science experts

To be the best, you have to have the best people. Rice University Neuroengineering researchers are some of the most esteemed experts in this emerging science—with decades of combined neuroengineering research.

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